What We Deliver

Tremayne Distributions are here to support your business needs. Whether it is a one-off delivery that you need, or are looking for a regular longer-term contract, Tremayne Distributions can provide this for you.

If you need valuable items, medical equipment, furniture or business packages moved, we specialise in being able to transport a wide range of goods. Our professional team ensure that the goods are transported safely and efficiently, so you can rest assured your packages are in safe hands.

Here are just a few examples of the goods that we can transport for you…

courier airport cargo

Airport Cargo

Getting cargo to the airport needs to be done in a safe and timely manner. Flights times are strictly scheduled, so you need a courier that you can trust to ensure that your goods get to and from the airport at the right time. We have a lot of experience transporting all types of airport cargo. Our professional and experienced team will ensure that your cargo is transported efficiently and reliably.

courier medical equipment

Medical Items

It is essential that medical items are transported with the correct care and safety. At Tremayne, we have experience in moving many medical items, and our medical courier service staff are highly trained and experienced in transporting a wide range of medical items, from medicines to machinery.

courier legal documents

Legal Documents

Legal documents are important and sensitive. Making sure that they get to where they need to go on time is important. Legal documents also need to be transported safely and securely, which is something that we have a lot of experience in at Tremayne Distributions. When it comes to your legal documents, you want to make sure that they are in safe hands.



Whether you have a small pallet, half pallet, or a large number of pallets that you need moving, our team will discuss this with you and ensure that we provide the best solution to transport them safely. Whatever size and quantity of pallets you need transported, we will move them carefully and efficiently.

courier to deliver art and antiques - tremayne distributions

Art and Antiques

These items are valuable and irreplaceable, so when you want them moved, you need someone that you can trust. Here at Tremayne Distributions, we understand that these precious items need to be moved with care and consideration, as well as efficiently. Our team will take great care to move your art and antique items, large or small, so you can rest assured that get their destination in the same condition that they were in.

valuable goods transportation

Valuable Goods

Goods that are high value need to be transported by someone you trust. At Tremayne, our team are experienced in handling goods of high value, and you can rest assured that we take the security and safety of your goods extremely seriously, whilst getting to where you want them efficiently.


Exhibition & Events Equipment

At Tremayne, we understand the importance of timing when it comes to events and exhibitions, and our couriers are highly trained when it comes to moving this equipment to where it needs to be. We can also assist with waste disposal, offering a complete service.


Production & Music Equipment

When looking to move production and music equipment – space and appropriate materials are key. We ensure your equipment is loaded onto our vans with care to ensure they travel safely to their destination.

building materials

Building Materials

Building projects are reliant on timing and organisation. Making sure that the right materials arrive on the right day is paramount to any building project, and at Tremayne we understand this. We are experts in moving building materials, large and small to where they need to be.

Loose Freight

Items that don’t need to be packed and containerised can be easily and efficiently transported by Tremayne Distributions. Our professional and experienced team will take care to find the right space for your loose freight and transport it safely.